Caesar Salad

44 QR

Romaine lettuce with olives, cherry tomatoes, focaccia croutons,

Parmesan cheese, anchovies and Caesar dressing


Burrata Salad

Burrata Salad

59 QR

Burrata cheese with strawberry dressing, cherry tomatoes, roasted Roma tomato

olive oil and micro greens


    • Main Dishes

    • Rib Eye Steak

      Rib Eye Steak

      134 QR

      Australian rib eye with Salsa Verde

      caramelized onion puree, burned eggplant, glazed carrots and pickled radish


    • Mushroom Risotto

      Mushroom Risotto

      64 QR

      Roasted Mushrooms,

      Creamy Rice, Spices

    • Salmone Perfetto

      Salmone Perfetto


      Salmon fillet, potato salad and polenta with brodetto and butter sauce


    • Pizza

    • Margarita


      54 QR

      Pizza Dough, Basil, Mozzarella di Buffala,

      Mozzarella, Marinara Sauce,

      Olive Oil

    • Pesto Pizza

      Pesto Pizza

      69 QR

      Pizza Dough, Roasted Chicken,

      Pesto Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese,

      Parsley, Olive Oil

    • Pizza Pepperoni

      Pizza Pepperoni

      69 QR


      Mozzarella Cheese,

      Marinara Sauce

    • Mushroom Pizza

      Mushroom Pizza

      59 QR

      Homemade Pizza dough with white sauce and Parmesan cheese

    • Mercato Pizza

      Mercato Pizza

      74 QR

      Marinara sauce,

      shredded veal,

      onion, black olives

    • Pizza Punta di Petto

      Pizza Punta di Petto

      74 QR

      White sauce

      Shredded Veal

      Red onion

      Green & red bell peppers



    • Dessert

    • Mascarpone Swirl

      Mascarpone Swirl

      49 QR

      Mascarpone cream, nut cake, pistachio, chocolate chips and coffee syrup


    • Chocolate Pudding

      Chocolate Pudding

      49 QR

      Chocolate pudding with sable cookies, orange cream and chocolate soil


    • Semifreddo


      29 QR

      Greek Yogurt,


      Homemade Fruit Jam

    • Pizza Nocciola

      Pizza Nocciola

      49 QR

      Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread



    • Panna Cotta

      Panna Cotta

      29 QR

      Cream pudding with orange cream, strawberries and kiwi